Common Types Of Roofing Materials

Finding the right kind of roofing material for your home requires careful considerations. Some of the things to consider include the style, color, and cost. The following are different kinds of roofing material to help you select the right one for your home

Asphalt shinglesghtrhjrj

They are the most preferred material due to their low cost; they can be easily installed and are known to be very resilient. Their disadvantage is that they have a low insulating capacity and their life span is short as well. They are made from petroleum products and are not recyclable due to the layer of fiberglass added to it. They are available in different colors, different measurements records.

Wooden shakes and shingles

Wood shingles can be made from redwood, southern pine and other woods like cedar. The ones made from cedar turn out to be very expensive. Wood shingles are machine cut while wood shakes are handmade and tend to have a rougher look. Mostly they are not fire resistant but if one would want those that are fire resistant they can have them at a much higher coat due to the fire resistance treatment is done on it.

The other alternative to wood shingles would be synthetic shingles. They are made from plastic or rubber. This plastic or rubber can be mixed with recycled wood and shaped like wood shakes.


Tiles can be made of clay or concrete. The clay tiles tend to be heavy and therefore they need an additional framing. They are very durable and non-combustible. Clay tiles have very light colors so as to reflect the solar energy. The concrete tiles, on the other hand, are elegant and add aesthetic value to one’s home. They are very versatile and also provide great protection to the homeowner. They are available in different hues, textures, shapes and styles.


Slate has a distinctive appearance which makes it charming. It does not leach, can be easily repaired and is also recyclable. It mostly comes in dark colors hence not suitable for very hot places. Its main disadvantage is the fact that it is very heavy.


vdvrgfhnjuykuMetal roofing comes in different materials like steel, aluminum, copper and also tiles. The metal roofing takes into consideration both style and temperature. They have high insulation and solar reflectance; they are durable hence last longer than the other materials. They are lighter and are also weather resistant.

Fiber cement

This is a type of tile made from concrete, clay and wooden fiber. This makes it fireproof and very durable as well. It is available in different colors and textures. They are a bit fragile since if stepped on they break. They also crack in places which are very cold.

The type of roofing material will depend on one’s preference most of the time. Other factors such as the climate and cost will also influence the decision one makes.